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Buy/Sell Electronics Online

How To Sell Electronics Online

Since the dawn of the personal computer, the electronics business has been booming. Technology may be a hot item currently, and that’s why people are learning the way to sell online. With the emergence of latest software, it’s loads easier than it wont to be. In fact, anyone with a basic understanding of the online will start commerce.

Sell Your Electronics Online.png

The eCommerce explosion of the past decade means that there’s a big market waiting right at your step. If you’ve got a passion for electronics, why not flip that love into a living? Who knows: your store might be the next Best buy for the online. If you’re interested in learning additional about the method, take a look at a number of our tips for learning the way to sell electronics online.

1. Choose An Area Of Interest.

Electronics covers loads of various areas—portable music players, speakers, receivers and additional. Which space will your experience lie in? Starting little and build up is that the best thanks to break into the game. choose a particular space of expertise and a name that matches the niche. Perform heavy audience analysis thus you recognize the way to speak to your customers. You’ll be able to continue learning the way to sell electronics online later.

2. Partner Up With Distributors.

You won’t have any issues finding an electronics distributor or 2 to provide you with product. The relationship between your store and also the manufacturer or distributor is an essential a part of your business. A vital question to consider: Can you get american or foreign? A lot of of today’s electronics producing has been moved overseas. However you’ll still work with yank distributors to assist produce new jobs.

Whichever approach your opt for, wherever are you reaching to store all of that stuff? Take a look at our next tip on the way to sell electronics online.

3. Find An Fulfillment Partner In Role Of A Warehouse.

You don’t need to rent a warehouse to store all of your new product. If you plan to shop for wholesale direct, you’ll work with fulfillment companies like E Fulfillment, ShipWire or Fulfilltopia. each of the services stores your products for you. A direct integration between your shopping cart software and also the company alerts them of latest sales, and they’ll additionally lookout of shipping for you.

And speaking of software…

4. Choose An Industry Leading Software Resolution.

A strong software solution is that the cornerstone of a successful online business. Learning the way to sell electronics online is easy once you have a program with all of the fundamentals at your fingertips. Choose a software program that simplifies however you list your electronics as compared shopping engines. Find software that simplifies however you provide daily deals to your customers. Within the world of electronics retail, you’ve got a lot of nice options on the market to you, thus realize a software platform that gives them.

Learn more on how ADSCT can help you sell electronics online today.

Buy/Sell Cars Online

Best Used Car Buying Tips in Australia

Buying a used car is a frightening exercise, however these simple tips can assist you realize the proper car without being ripped off.

Cars for SALE

1. Budget

Set yourself a strict budget based on what you’ll be able to afford. Keep in mind that terms is simply the start though, as there are ongoing running prices like fuel, maintenance, insurance, and the interest on any finance used for the purchase to consider.

2. Research

Once you’ve set your budget, adsct.com.au will assist you get a thought of what vehicles are offered among your price bracket. There are thousands of vehicles available to choose from, and there’s a handy price guide to assist you know what to pay.

Be careful of cars that appear too low-cost though. If one thing seems too smart to be true, it most likely is.

3. Refine Your Search

ADSCT – Best Classified Site permits you to look for models supported create, model, price, body type, age, and site among several alternative useful details. get advice from our thousands of skilled reviews, together with used reviews to search out out what to seem for once cars get a number of years and kilometers under their belt, or our several guides to assist you with your search.

4. Contact The Seller

But first, jot down an inventory of inquiries to raise regarding every car therefore you don’t forget anything.

– How long have they owned the car?
– What’s their reason for selling it?
– Has the vehicle ever been damaged?
– What condition is that the car in, and is there any issues not shown in the photos?
– Can it pass a roadworthy inspection?
– However detailed is that the car’s service history and is it with the car?

Plus anything else that’s not explained in the ad.

5. Arranging An Inspection

If the person selling the car may be a personal party and not a dealer, insist on inspecting the car at their home address. If the seller isn’t willing to point out you the car at their home address, they may be making an attempt to cover one thing.

6. Check The Car’s History

No matter however real or honest the seller looks, it pays to check that the vehicle you’re inspecting isn’t stolen, encumbered by an outstanding loan, or maybe a previous insurance write-off. All you wish is that the car’s VIN (Vehicle Identification Number) variety and check against the databases within the state during which it’s registered.

7. Checking The Car

Even if you’re not an skilled, having a good look over the car within the flesh is extremely necessary before agreeing on any purchase. If the car passes your own inspection, it’s a good plan to possess an independent mechanic or workshop conduct a more thorough inspection to form sure you haven’t lost something.

Here’s a number of pointers for your personal inspection:

– Always organise inspections throughout daylight, never within the dark or in rain that could conceal body marks, dents, rust and other defects
– Check beneath the body, bonnet and automotive pet for rust and signs – like evidence of attachment or paint over spray — which can indicate the car has been repaired once a crash
– Check the gaps between the body panels area unit equal – if not, this might indicate poor crash repairs
– Below the bonnet, explore for signs of any oil leaks. Use the dipstick to check the quantity of oil. If the amount is low, the owner hasn’t been looking after the car properly
– Go searching the oil filler cap for a white mayonnaise-like substance – this might be an a sign of a leaking head gasket which may be very expensive to fix
– Check all tyres – as well as the spare – to form certain there’s lots of tread which they’re wearing equally
– Within the automotive, certify the seat belts work properly and aren’t broken, the front seats move properly and every one switches and options work
– Try to begin the car once the engine is cold, which may facilitate reveal issues like poor beginning or smoke that indicates engine wear. If the seller has warm the car up, they may be trying to cover one thing.

8. The Check Drive

– Before you go off, flip the hand-wheel from one lock to the opposite to check for any play, or any irregular noises that might indicate power steering issues
– Check the handbrake on a steep hill to form certain it’s properly adjusted
– Listen for any irregular noises from the engine, and certify the radio is off
– Drive the car at main road speeds if possible, and try to seek out different road surfaces to allow a better impression of however the car behaves
– Make certain the transmission shifts up and down through the gears smoothly, which the clutch on a manual doesn’t slip and actuates smoothly

9. Price Negotiation

There is often leeway for talks down from the seller’s damage

– Build an inventory of any faults you discovered throughout the review, and hash out supported the price of fixing these issues
– If there aren’t any faults, counsel an inexpensive figure at a lower place the damage. the seller can then either settle for, decline, or counsel a price nearer to the asking figure. go through this method till each parties agree.

10. Payment And Work

– Certify all the registration and repair history work is so as, and therefore the details match the seller. also certify you’ve got original versions of everything – never photocopies.
– If you’re creating a payment or maybe simply a deposit, get a receipt and certify the seller’s full details are on that. Most, if not all state registration papers can include a receipt for this purpose.

What Are My Rights And Responsibilities?

Each state and territory has different regulations for the sale of used cars. If you’re after more detailed information, call your state’s motoring organisation, fair trading or consumer affairs department.


Warranty – When you buy from a dealer, a car that’s less than 10 years old and hasn’t traveled more than 160,000 km carries a three-month or 5000 km statutory warranty (whichever occurs first)

Cooling off period – You’re entitled to a three day cooling-off period after you’ve signed the purchase agreement. If you want to cancel the agreement within the cooling-off period, you need to do so in writing, and the dealer can charge you $100 or 1% of the purchase price, whichever is greater.



Northern Territory

Warranty – When you buy from a dealer, a car that’s less than 10 years old and has traveled fewer than 160,000 km carries a three-month or 5000 km statutory warranty (whichever happens first). The same warranty applies to a motorcycle which is less than five years old and traveled fewer than 30,000 km.

Cooling-off period – There is no cooling off period in the Northern Territory.




Warranty – When you buy from a dealer, a car that’s less than 10 years old and hasn’t traveled more than 160,000 km carries a three-month or 5000 km statutory warranty (whichever occurs first). This also applies to demonstrator vehicles.

Cooling-off period – There’s a one-day cooling-off period once you’ve signed the purchase agreement, but only if you arrange credit with the dealer as well. You must give written notice if you decide to withdraw from the deal within the cooling-off period, the dealer can charge $250 or 2% of the car’s value, whichever is less.




Warranty – There are two classes of warranty:

Class A: If the car has traveled fewer than 160,000 km and is less than 10 years old, car dealers in Queensland have to provide a three-month or 5000 km (whichever happens first) statutory warranty.

Class B: If the car has traveled more than 160,000 km or is more than 10 years old, there’s a one-month or 1000 km (whichever happens first) statutory warranty.

Cooling-off period – There’s a one-day cooling-off period once you’ve signed the purchase agreement. The dealer can charge you a non-refundable deposit, of which the amount cannot exceed $100. If you want to cancel the contract, you have to do so in writing.



South Australia

Warranty – When you buy from a dealer, statutory warranty will apply from the date of purchase. If the car costs between $3001 and $6000 it will be covered for the first 3000 km traveled or two months, whichever occurs first. If the vehicle costs more than $6000, it will be covered for the first 5000 km traveled or three months, whichever occurs first.

Cooling-off period – When buying from a dealer, you’re entitled to a two day cooling-off period. The dealer may ask for up to a 10% deposit and if you decide to pull out of the purchase within the cooling-off period they are entitled to keep the non-refundable part of your deposit ($100 or 2%, whichever is less).




Warranty – When you buy from a dealer, a car that’s less than seven years old and has traveled fewer than 120,000 km carries a three-month or 3000 km statutory warranty (whichever occurs first). The same warranty applies to motor bikes, trikes or scooters that have traveled fewer than 150,000 km and is less than three years old.

Cooling-off period – There’s no cooling-off period once you’ve signed the purchase agreement.




Warranty – When you buy from a dealer, a car that’s less than 10 years old and has traveled fewer than 160,000 km carries a three-month or 5000 km (whichever comes first) statutory warranty.

Cooling-off period – When buying from a dealer, you’re entitled to a three business days cooling-off period once you’ve signed the purchase agreement. If you change your mind in the three days you need to notify the dealer in writing. They can keep some of the deposit ($100 or 1% of the purchase price – whichever is greater).



Western Australia

Warranty – When you buy from a dealer, a car that’s less than 10 years old, and has traveled no more than 150,000 km comes with a three-month or 5000 km statutory warranty (whichever comes first). A car that’s between 10 and 12 years old, and has traveled between 150,000 and 180,000 km, has a one-month or 1500 km statutory warranty (whichever comes first).

Cooling-off period – There’s no cooling-off period once you’ve signed the purchase agreement.


Happy motoring!


Sell Your Motorcycle

How to Sell Your Motorcycle

Sometimes it’s to happen. you’ve got to sell your motorbike. you need the cash, otherwise you would like the space, or you’ve outgrown your bike and area unit trying to find a modification. whatever the reason, positive or negative, that old bike has to go.

Here are a number of tips which will assist you sell your motorbike while not taking a shower.

how to sell used motorcycle.jpg

Get It Running:

A running bike is a price rather more than a motorcycle that wants repair so as to run. Discount hunters love seeing the tag “Ran when parked.” They understand that you’ve simply eliminated 75% of your potential buyers, which you’ll have to be compelled to sell at a reduced worth.

Fix The Small Things:

Each used bike wants many very little repairs. You recognize – that missing screw on the fairing, that loose foot peg, that horn that squeaks rather than processing. The small things that solely take many minutes to tweak and fix can greatly influence a potential buyer’s impression of your bike. Fix them, and you’ll be able to expect a faster sale.


Before you photograph your bike and show it to potential buyers, provides it a thorough detailing. A clean, polished bike will command high dollar and can dazzle potential buyers into high minor flaws and blemishes.

Part It Out:

You’ll never get the complete worth for the accessories and modifications that you’ve created on your bike. Where possible, take away accessories and come back the bike to stock condition. Sell the accessories separately (and get extra money for them), or supply them to a possible buyer to assist shut the deal.

Gather The Records:

Have you ever saved receipts for service, oil changes and repairs over the years? Place them so as during a binder for buyers to examine, and embrace them with the sale. Supply to include look manuals and owner’s manuals if you have got them.

Collect The Work:

Realize the title, registration and alternative government work for your bike. If your bike is supported, contact your lender for a payoff figure and raise the way to handle the transfer of ownership. Get all the forms and directions so as so you’ll be able to complete a dealing with a buyer in real time, not giving them time to rethink.

Determine The Value:

Do a bit little bit of analysis to visualize what proportion bikes like yours are selling for right now. ADSCT – Classified Website may be a sensible place to start out for national trends. Take care to go looking completed auctions/sales instead of asking costs. Check native dealer inventory to visualize if your model is on the used bike floor. Then, build a practical assessment of your bike’s condition, mileage, and worth. Understand that the majority potential patrons can expect to barter, thus take care that you simply have a firm plan of your bottom line, and leave a cushy margin between your bottom line and price.

Take Your Bike To The Buyers:

Currently that your bike is prepared to sell, and you recognize how much you would like for it, place your bike during a position to search out its next owner. Is there a Car event in your area on the weekend? Prepare a “For Sale” sign, and bring your bike to the show. Does one belong to a motorbike club or HOG chapter? Take your bike to the future meeting, and let everybody recognize that you’re seeking a customer. Simply advertising within the local sales promotions isn’t enough – no one reads the paper any longer.

Decide About Check Rides:

I might never purchase a used bike while not first taking it on a check ride. However several sellers are nervous about allowing anyone to require their bike out for a spin. I might solely enable a check ride to an authorized, insured traveler who has already created a thorough examination, and who has incontestable that they need the suggests that to truly purchase my bike. If we’ve united to a value, I’d conform to a brief check ride with very specific conditions. Trust your gut – if you’re feeling unsure, don’t let it happen.

Those are simply many tips to assist you to sell your motorbike.

Post Free Ads Online

8 Tips for Selling Used Kid Stuff

Tips for Selling Used Kid Stuff: Here we are sharing 8 tips on how to make extra cash by de-cluttering your life and getting rid of the no longer used kid stuff!

Tips for Selling Used Kid Stuff


If you have a collection of unused kid stuff in a drawer in your bedroom, in a corner of the office, and in totally weird places. Instead of randomly stumbling across something and taking the time to sell it one-by-one, I suggest spending a few hours with the sole purpose of hunting down stuff you no longer need. Designate a single area or box to collect all the things you want to get rid of. Once you’ve got everything all collected up, it will make the process of cleaning it and prepping it for selling that much easier/faster.


No one wants to buy the exersaucer that is covered in a weird sticky substance, or the bumblebee costume that is missing both the wings and antennas. Increase your odds of getting your items purchased by doing a few easy things: make sure all your items are freshly washed/cleaned, iron any clothes that are super wrinkly, pair matching clothing items together, remove anything that is broken/stained/holey, and include batteries or instructions for baby gear if you’ve got them.


Local retail shops that buy used baby gear can be a great option if you need some quick cash in your pocket. You round up your items, take them to the store, and walk out an hour later with money in your pocket. Some stores offer you the option to either take cash for your items or take store credit for a higher amount. The best things to sell at resale shops is clothing, hands down. Clothing is a pain in the butt to sell on ADSCT; you have to sort through the clothes, take pictures, create individual postings or lots, and meet strangers… all for a few bucks.


People are more likely to meet up to purchase a larger item than they are something that is listed for a few bucks, and with those bigger items you don’t necessarily want to be shipping them by selling them online or carting them across town looking for a resale shop to give you a decent price for them. Now, for the most part, people that are buying used kid stuff on ADSCT are most likely other nice moms and dads just like yourself. But the world can be a freaky place these days, so any time you are selling something in person, follow some general safety guidelines.


For those of you who don’t want to deal with the shame of having someone at a resale shop turn you down, or who don’t trust Facebook… there are other options! ADSCT remains a pretty good option for maximizing the money you can potentially make by selling used items. This is probably the EASIEST way to sell things from the comfort of your home- but for the most part, the items needs to be new.


Swaps and mega-sales can be a great option if you have a bunch of stuff to get rid of, want to knock out all your selling in a day or two. Its super easy to host a swap with a group of friends, or you can sign up to participate in some of the local mega-sales we have around town. These sales are like giant garage sales, with a couple hundred other families.


You may think that little onesie is still adorable despite the weird stain left by that banana your kiddo smashed into the crotch of it, and you might think that miniature piano could still be fun for a toddler even if half the keys don’t work and one of the legs is being held on with duct tape and Elmer’s glue… but chances are, other people won’t agree with you. Before you waste your time, ask yourself “Would I buy that? Would I really, really buy that?”.


Sometimes, you just don’t have the time or energy to sell your used kid clothes and gear. And that’s okay. If you still want to get in on the spring cleaning bandwagon, collect all that unused stuff and either sock it away for a day you DO have time to sell it… or pass along your items to someone who can use them. There are lots of families in need here in the Australia and by donating your gently used gear you can not only positively impact their lives but you can also feel pretty darn good about your good deed.

Want to buy/sell kid stuff, visit today ADSCT – Online Classifieds Australia!!

Garage Sales

Tips to Have a Successful Garage Sale

Having a sale takes work and might be very frustrating if you don’t know what you’re doing. To avoid any headaches and to streamline the process, follow a plan from beginning to finish. A well-planned sale usually means a additional successful one, which means more cash in your pocket at the end of the day.

Planning Your Sale

1. Choose A Date

The first step is to choose dates and times for your sale. Most people go with Fri and Saturday mornings, however you’ll be able to add Thursday or Sunday to a multi-day sale if your schedule permits. You’ll get a bigger crowd if you begin early as a result of people won’t need to interrupt their day to attend your sale, and it’s doubtless to be cooler out that is an important thought particularly within the heat of summer.

Pro Tip: If possible, hold your sale once the weather is moderate. Skipping out on the sweltering August heat and awaiting the tip of September can provide you with a more robust shot at having a winning sale. You’ll get the most customers within the late spring or early fall.

2. Gather Your Product

Garage sales provide an excellent thanks to declutter and downsize your house. Grab a box and undergo each space. Obtain something you don’t need or haven’t employed in months and toss it in. Don’t forget closets, attics, basements, and garages as these area unit sometimes treasure troves for sale finds. Don’t underestimate the worth of what you discover either; individuals can get something from recent CD’s to unwanted bottles of perfume. After all, the worst case situation is that one thing doesn’t sell.

Pro Tip: Have unspecified power strips, cell phone chargers, or USB cables you’re not using? Throw them during a separate shoe box to sell at the sale. It doesn’t matter if you’re unsure what that charger even worked for; somebody might buy it.

3. Check on Permits

Many cities currently need that you simply have a allow to run a sale. Discuss with a clerk at your town or town hall to search out out if you would like one. Don’t try and run a sale while not it otherwise you might find yourself obtaining close up and fined.

Pro Tip: Some cities permit you to use for permits online. Check your town hall website and look below the “permits” or “civic responsibilities” section to see wherever you’ll be able to apply.

Advertising Your Yard Sale

1. Produce A Advertising

If you wish to drive major traffic to your yard sale, reach the money to pay for an advert in your native newspaper. However before you write your ad, decide what quantity area you get for the value you’re willing to pay. If you think again, you’ll find yourself paying per word, which might get terribly costly quick. Keep your ad short and pointed, and list your biggest price tag things initial. The foremost standard yard sale items include furniture, kids’ toys, and collectibles. Don’t forget to incorporate your address still because the dates and times your sale can run.

Pro Tip: Think about advertising in your native paper still because the major daily newspaper in your space. Most native papers charge $15 or less for ad area, and each home in the world gets a free copy, which suggests more potential customers for you.

2. Advertise Online

There are dozens of websites wherever you’ll be able to advertise your yard sale for free on classified website. Post an advert on as several as you wish, however aim for at least 3. As an example,

  • ADSCT- Australia Largest Classified Portal
  • Yard Sale Search
  • Garage Sale Hunter

You’ll have a lot of flexibility within the text of your online ad since most websites provide you with a generous word count. Feel free to explain your things in detail, however avoid sounding sort of a promoting executive. Simply tell people what you’ve got and once you’ll have it, and let their own imaginations calculate however wonderful it’s. Also, don’t post your ad too early. If you’re holding your yard sale on Fri, it should go up Wednesday night or weekday afternoon.

It’s additionally a good plan to utilize free social media promoting sites to get the word go in your local space.

Pro Tip: Write your ad during a word processing program and easily copy and paste it to every website. This can prevent the trouble of retyping it over and all over again.

3. Build Garage Sale Signs

Check the laws in your space before creating yard sale signs as some places have banned them. A clerk at your native station will tell what you’ll be able to and can’t do. If you’re allowed to make signs, I’ve found that bright colored poster board and a Sharpie is all you actually want. Make certain your sign says “Garage Sale” massive enough for people to see as they drive by. Include your address or an arrow pointing towards your house.

Prepping for the Sale

1. Get Supplies

Make sure you have got everything you wish at least a day before the sales event starts. You’ll want chairs to take a seat on, a table or different flat surface to require payments and supply change, and many of areas to show your product. Don’t waste cash on transaction or shopping for tables. You’ll realize or create enough surfaces to fit your wants.

For example, I gather up all of the card tables and patio furniture I will realize for placing breakable things on. For smaller, non-breakable things, I place a board over 2 milk crates. for clothes, you’ll use a garment rack or hang them on hangers off the highest of your garage door.

2. Don’t Forget The Change

Odds are, you’ll have to create $19.95 in change for your initial client. check that you have got fives, ones, and at least twenty dollars in quarters. You’ll get them from your bank, however you’ll ought to go within a branch to try to to it.

Pro Tip: Raise the bank for a reusable money envelope. Several branches are happy to provide you one. You’ll use the envelope to run extra money into the house throughout the sales event thus you won’t have a lot of cash lying around outside.

3. Type Your Things

Sort before your price. It’s the simplest thanks to keep your sales event organized and create it easy on potential buyers. Dedicate an area in your house to sales event coming up with and divide all of your things by class, like garments, books, home goods, and kids’ toys.

Pro Tip: If you have got tons of garments, divide them by men’s, women’s, and children’s. most of the people are trying to find one thing specific and can appreciate the organization.

4. Worth Your Things

It’s best if you worth your things separately instead of simply cluster them into boxes with one worth sign. Because the sales event progresses, people can get the boxes involved and you’ll have a tough time keeping it organized.

Pro Tip: Don’t increase your costs on the idea that everybody likes to haggle. Whereas many people do get pleasure from an honest verbal match, some can simply go forth if they suppose things are priced too high.

5. Organize & Prepare Your Sale

Arrange your tables and place all the garments on hangers the night before the sales event. No matter what you tell yourself, you won’t have enough time to try to to it within the morning. Project wherever everything are going to be placed to make the morning setup as easy as potential and to stay it in a logical and arranged fashion for customers.

Pro Tip: If you can’t place everything within the garage the night before, group similar things into laundry baskets and boxes. you may save time within the morning if you simply have to pull things out of boxes that don’t need more separation.

Throwing Your Sales Event

1. Get Ready

Give yourself a minimum of an hour before the sales event starts to set everything out and place up signs. Check that you have got your change in an exceedingly safe place, and realize a comfortable, shaded space to take a seat.

Pro Tip: If your sales event is difficult to identify from the road, place a sales event sign in front of your house thus people understand wherever to prevent.

2. Work The Group

In a perfect world, a sales event would work like Target. People would are available in, grab what they needed, pay, and leave. Sadly, folks see garage sales as a form of interactive searching expertise. They’re about to raise queries, they’re about to haggle, and they’re about to acquire everything, particularly if it’s breakable. You’ll do higher if you don’t act pushy. Simply keep sitting, shout out a friendly hello once people walk up, and let the purchasers come back to you.

Keep in mind that you just don’t have to haggle directly. Don’t let your couch select 5 dollars with the primary client. Odds are that someone else can come back on willing to pay your damage. Begin bargaining like crazy using effective negotiation methods on the last day, or within the afternoons after the morning rush.

Pro Tip: Position your chair in order that you’ll simply spot people walking up and check that you greet everybody. Oral communication a fast “Hello” makes shoppers more comfortable regarding standing in your driveway.

3. Deal With Leftovers

You’re about to have leftover stuff. You’ll simply place it all on the curb with a free sign, however that won’t get you to any extent further cash. Instead, take into account taking the leftovers to a Goodwill store and save on your taxes. create associate degree itemized list of everything you have got with its original worth. Once you drop it at a donation center, ask for a receipt. File this away to use for a tax write-off for charitable donations on your income taxes.

Pro Tip: If you have got giant things left over, sort of a couch or a TV set, take into account marketing them on ADSCT. ADSCT surfers like to purchase big-ticket things and you’ll create more cash than you’d donating them and using the tax deduction.

Final Word

Garage sales are a lot of labor, particularly if you’re not used to holding them. You’ll probably pay many hours organizing and rating items, writing ads, and obtaining your supplies. However once it’s over, you’ll hopefully have a wad of cash rather than piles of stuff you don’t wish, that makes it all worthy.

Have you ever thrown a garage sale? Comment below what are a number of the ways that have worked best for you?

Jobs in Australia

Guide to Get a Job in Australia

Getting a job abroad is a fantastic way to integrate, meet new people and develop new skills that will, in turn, prove incredibly beneficial when you apply for jobs in your home country or elsewhere abroad. These suggestions will help you not only present yourself in a brighter light but will also demonstrate to your potential employer why you’re the perfect candidate for the job in Australia.

Guide to Get a Job in Australia.png


International students in Australia, on a valid student visa, can work for up to 40 hours per fortnight while classes are in session and unlimited hours when class is not in session. Hours of work that are required as part of your studies will not count towards your ’40 hours’ and most volunteer and unpaid work are ok too (be sure to check conditions here). If you choose to break these restrictions you are at risk of having your visa cancelled.


Make sure you fully understand what the role entails and what the company does. This will make your application easier to assemble and will make it easier when it’s time for the interview. Each application should be specifically tailored to the role you are applying for, don’t make it generic. Employers are looking for candidates that have a true desire to work with them and aren’t just submitting 100 applications randomly.


Your application should address each one and articulate, using examples, how you fulfill each of these.

1. Values: How the employer works and what it expects of its employees. Check that you are comfortable with these.
2. Accountabilities: The day-to-day responsibilities and duties of the role. Your previous work history should have skills and experiences that are transferable to this role.
3. Key Selection Criteria: Often listed in the job description, these outline the qualities, knowledge and skills required for the role. Include specific examples or situations where you have demonstrated the qualities they are seeking.
4. Qualifications: Sometimes specific qualifications will be required and form part of the screening process for the employer.


Resume: Your job history, starting with the most recent. Keep the descriptions short, to the point & relevant. Format the layout to your own unique, professional style so that it won’t look like others.
Cover Letter: Clear, concise and easy to read. try and keep this shorter than one page. This is essentially a letter directed to the person responsible for hiring and will describe a little bit about yourself, why you would like to work with the prospecting employer and explain how you align with each of the selection criteria.


Put yourself in their shoes; the employer has to filter through an abundance of applications often on top of their usual workload. If you have not heard back in a week or two after application close it is ok to make a polite enquiry. It shows that you are eager and have initiative. Employers appreciate those who are driven and determined.


Put yourself in their shoes; the employer has to filter through an abundance of applications often on top of their usual workload. If you have not heard back in a week or two after application close it is ok to make a polite enquiry. It shows that you are eager and have initiative. Employers appreciate those who are driven and determined.


Find out when they plan to make their hiring decision. This will provide you with a timeline and you can follow up if you have not heard anything since the meeting.

To find out jobs opportunities in Australia, visit Job ads at ADSCT.