Sell your clothes online

Easy Tips for Selling Your Clothes Online to Make Money

If you find yourself hoarding lots of garments you ne’er use, it is time to clean out your closet and build some cash in the process. By doing so, you will get to use the additional cash you earn from selling your old garments to revamp your closet and you are also being Eco-friendly by use your garments! Thus, while not any ado, here are some tips to get started with selling your second-hand garments online.

Ready to sort and sell? Let’s go:

1. Focus On One Section Of Your Wardrobe At A Time

Trying to tackle the whole wardrobe at once will be stressful thus at first focus on one area at a time: summer/winter, work/play, bags/shoes. This process creates some order to method and not leave you feeling overwhelmed.

2. Get Ready To Price Your Second-hand Clothing Item

Always check the same item on different websites before you list your item. This check can provide you with a plan of how much you can expect in return.

3. Take Clear Photos And List With Precise Descriptions

Photos are the most important factor. Make sure they are very clear with lots of natural light and taken with a good quality camera. If possible, try to take a photograph of somebody wearing the item – it’s much easier for buyers to visualize what the item can actually appear as if that way.

4. Maintain A Decent Reputation

Be honest about the quality of the item, which means revealing if there’s any stains or tears! Always respond to messages and feedback, and maybe throw in a little handwritten note thanking the buyer for shopping with you.

5. Be Honest With Yourself

Those things we don’t wear any longer but can’t bear to part with, need to be considered. You can’t wear memories therefore if you’re keeping hold of dress as a result of you had a very good night out wearing it, find photos of that night out instead and sell the dress.

How much have you used and worn your clothes? If an item still has the tag on, this shows you didn’t love it enough to cut it off and wear it. things with tags on sell well, they’re represented as BNWT (Brand New With Tags) which provides you license to cost them over a second-hand item (no tags and that you have worn).

6. All Garments Should Be Clean And In A Very Saleable Condition

No holes, stains or alterations, ironed, crease free and on a hanger. Designer bags sell better with their bag so dig that out and press it. Place the clothes for the vintage dealer and the designer clothes for the dress agency on wooden hangers and package them in a garment bag. Present your clothes like presents.

7. Politeness Will Always Pay Off

Among all of the power sellers we’ve spoken to, being nice was the most common piece of advice. generally it’s hard to stay calm today on the web — trolls and time-wasters annoy a lot.

8. Get Selling Today

Once you’re ready to list your second-hand clothing item, visit the ADSCT – Australia’s Largest Local Classified Portal and list it there. At ADSCT, you can sell/but anything quickly and easily. So, Hurry now!! Get a quote today.

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