A Complete Guide Where to Sell Your Video Game Console

Searching for spots to sell your video game consoles? Need to offer your PS4 or Xbox 360 for money? Regardless of whether you’re searching for spots to offer old diversion frameworks, where to offer broken amusement consoles, or reassure exchange organizations, utilize this manual for discover how much your Xbox, PlayStation, or Nintendo support is worth and where to offer it for the most cash.

Want To Sell Your Video Game Console? First, Find Out How Much It’s Worth

Before you offer computer game consoles, it’s a smart thought to discover the amount they’re worth so you can get a reasonable cost. Computer game comfort esteems rely upon different elements, including condition, tech specs, included amusements and adornments, and where you offer them – all of which can altogether affect how much your support is worth. For instance, a distinction away limit can speak to a 20 percent contrast in an incentive between two generally indistinguishable consoles.

A Complete Guide Where to Sell Your Video Game Console

An extraordinary method to get a ballpark thought for how much your support is worth is to look at ongoing deals costs between various offering alternatives: online buyback stores, physical stores, and online commercial centers.

How To Find Which Video Game Console You Have

You most likely know which computer game support you have, regardless of whether it’s a Xbox One, PlayStation 4, or Nintendo Switch; in any case, you probably won’t know your comfort’s stockpiling limit – a urgent factor in building up an incentive for a few consoles. Here’s the manner by which to discover the capacity limit of your gaming console.

Xbox One

  • From the home menu, select My Games & Apps
  • Your storage capacity will display on the left

Xbox 360

The Xbox 360 had three major releases – the original Xbox 360, the 360 S, and the 360 E – and each had multiple versions (for example, the original was available in Core, Arcade, Pro, and Elite). To sell your Xbox 360, all you need to know is which of the three major releases you have and its capacity.

To find your storage capacity:

  • Browse to Settings and select System
  • Select Storage
  • Choose your hard drive and push Y on your controller to view the storage capacity


  • Browse to Settings
  • Select System Storage Management
  • The total capacity will display on the screen


  • Browse to Settings
  • Select System Settings
  • Select System Information
  • The capacity will display on the screen

Wii U

  • Browse to System Settings
  • Select Data Management
  • Select Copy/Move/Delete Data
  • Storage capacity will display on the screen

NOTE: Other Nintendo consoles and handheld video game consoles were manufactured with standard internal storage space (which could be expanded with SD cards and external storage), so you do not need to know their capacities.

What Affects The Value Of Your Video Game Consoles?

As-expressed, gaming console esteems are influenced by a few components. They include:

  • Display
  • Capacity limit
  • Included frill (you can regularly get progressively in the event that you incorporate controllers, AC connectors, A/V links, sensors for Kinect and Wii, and different extras)
  • Included diversions (a few purchasers will pay progressively in the event that you incorporate working recreations)
  • Shading
  • Uncommon releases and packages
  • Bundling (a few purchasers will pay increasingly on the off chance that you included unique bundling)
  • Condition

Condition affects esteem, as most purchasers incline toward working consoles with negligible restorative harm (however a few purchasers, especially those that renovate gaming frameworks, will purchase harmed and non-working consoles).


Where To Sell Your Video Game Console

Regardless of whether you need to offer your old PS2, another Xbox One, your old Wii comfort, or another old amusement framework, you ought to comprehend the key contrasts between spots to offer or exchange diversion reassures.

Online Buyback Stores

Ensured deals and a fast, helpful offering knowledge make online buyback stores a well known alternative. You don’t have to post promotions, arrange costs, or pay for delivery. Online buyback stores don’t charge offering expenses, and they pay inside one to three days.

Physical Stores

Useful for snappy money, however physical stores tend to pay 10 to 20 percent not as much as online buyback stores. In spite of the fact that you don’t have to post an advertisement or pay offering expenses, there’s additionally no certification of offer and you may need to arrange a reasonable cost.

Online Commercial Centers

You’ll have to set aside the opportunity to make a nitty gritty advertisement, finish with photographs, before you can offer by means of online commercial centers like ADSCT and Amazon. It’s conceivable to get a decent cost by means of these channels, yet there is no certification of offer – and if your reassure sells, you’ll pay offering charges.

Private Market

Offering straightforwardly to others by means of the private market (destinations like Facebook Marketplace and Craigslist) can net more cash, however deals are not ensured and postings are not directed – which implies there is a potential for problems like no-show’s and tricks. In the event that your reassure offers, you’ll likely need to meet the purchaser face to face.

Eventually, online buyback stores offer the best mix of a decent value, speedy installment, and accommodation.

In any case, it tends to be difficult to know which online buyback store to pitch to…

How To Prepare Your Video Game Console For Sale

Before you offer your gaming framework, you should find a way to secure your records by eradicating your information. It’s likewise a smart thought to physically clean your support to make it more alluring to purchasers.

Take after these means to wipe your computer game support information (make certain to make a reinforcement or adjust your record online before eradicating console information).

Xbox One

  • Peruse to Settings
  • Select All Settings
  • Select System
  • Select Console Info and Updates
  • Select Reset Console
  • Select Reset and Remove Everything

Xbox 360

  • Peruse to System Settings
  • Select Storage
  • Select your hard drive and press Y to see Device Options
  • Select Format, check your determination, and restart


  • Peruse to Settings
  • Select Initialization
  • Select Initialize PS4
  • Select Full


  • Peruse to Settings
  • Select System Settings
  • Select Restore PS3 System and take after the prompts

Nintendo Switch

  • Peruse to System Settings
  • Select System
  • Select Formatting Options
  • Enter your PIN whenever incited
  • Select Initialize Console
  • Select Next
  • Select Initialize

Wii U

  • Peruse to System Settings
  • Select Delete All Content and Settings
  • Enter your PIN whenever incited
  • Select OK, at that point Next
  • Select Delete Everything


  • Peruse to System Settings
  • Select Data Management
  • Select Save Data
  • Select the Wii tab
  • Select all that you wish to erase
  • Select Erase

Nintendo DS Systems (3DS, XL, DS)

  • Peruse to System Settings
  • Select Other Settings
  • Select Format System Memory
  • Enter your PIN whenever provoked
  • Select OK to interface with the Internet
  • Select Next
  • Select Format
  • Select Format once more

Once you’ve deleted your information, you can securely offer your computer game comfort. Utilize the tips in this manual for appreciate the best gaming console offering knowledge and get the best cost.

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