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8 Tips for Selling Used Kid Stuff

Tips for Selling Used Kid Stuff: Here we are sharing 8 tips on how to make extra cash by de-cluttering your life and getting rid of the no longer used kid stuff!

Tips for Selling Used Kid Stuff


If you have a collection of unused kid stuff in a drawer in your bedroom, in a corner of the office, and in totally weird places. Instead of randomly stumbling across something and taking the time to sell it one-by-one, I suggest spending a few hours with the sole purpose of hunting down stuff you no longer need. Designate a single area or box to collect all the things you want to get rid of. Once you’ve got everything all collected up, it will make the process of cleaning it and prepping it for selling that much easier/faster.


No one wants to buy the exersaucer that is covered in a weird sticky substance, or the bumblebee costume that is missing both the wings and antennas. Increase your odds of getting your items purchased by doing a few easy things: make sure all your items are freshly washed/cleaned, iron any clothes that are super wrinkly, pair matching clothing items together, remove anything that is broken/stained/holey, and include batteries or instructions for baby gear if you’ve got them.


Local retail shops that buy used baby gear can be a great option if you need some quick cash in your pocket. You round up your items, take them to the store, and walk out an hour later with money in your pocket. Some stores offer you the option to either take cash for your items or take store credit for a higher amount. The best things to sell at resale shops is clothing, hands down. Clothing is a pain in the butt to sell on ADSCT; you have to sort through the clothes, take pictures, create individual postings or lots, and meet strangers… all for a few bucks.


People are more likely to meet up to purchase a larger item than they are something that is listed for a few bucks, and with those bigger items you don’t necessarily want to be shipping them by selling them online or carting them across town looking for a resale shop to give you a decent price for them. Now, for the most part, people that are buying used kid stuff on ADSCT are most likely other nice moms and dads just like yourself. But the world can be a freaky place these days, so any time you are selling something in person, follow some general safety guidelines.


For those of you who don’t want to deal with the shame of having someone at a resale shop turn you down, or who don’t trust Facebook… there are other options! ADSCT remains a pretty good option for maximizing the money you can potentially make by selling used items. This is probably the EASIEST way to sell things from the comfort of your home- but for the most part, the items needs to be new.


Swaps and mega-sales can be a great option if you have a bunch of stuff to get rid of, want to knock out all your selling in a day or two. Its super easy to host a swap with a group of friends, or you can sign up to participate in some of the local mega-sales we have around town. These sales are like giant garage sales, with a couple hundred other families.


You may think that little onesie is still adorable despite the weird stain left by that banana your kiddo smashed into the crotch of it, and you might think that miniature piano could still be fun for a toddler even if half the keys don’t work and one of the legs is being held on with duct tape and Elmer’s glue… but chances are, other people won’t agree with you. Before you waste your time, ask yourself “Would I buy that? Would I really, really buy that?”.


Sometimes, you just don’t have the time or energy to sell your used kid clothes and gear. And that’s okay. If you still want to get in on the spring cleaning bandwagon, collect all that unused stuff and either sock it away for a day you DO have time to sell it… or pass along your items to someone who can use them. There are lots of families in need here in the Australia and by donating your gently used gear you can not only positively impact their lives but you can also feel pretty darn good about your good deed.

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