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Tips for Selling Your Property The Right Way

As property investors, sometimes we can get so caught up in the idea of expanding our portfolio that we forget that occasionally it’s time to sell.

To get the best return possible, we need to present our homes beautifully, so buyers are scrambling over one another to make an offer.

When preparing a property for sale, you need to place yourself in the buyer’s shoes. Remember what it was like when you bought the home. What appealed to you most? Obviously as property investors we’re not focused on the emotional aspects of home ownership – we invest by the numbers – however we’re not totally blind to the amenities of a property either.

Read through the following tips and strategies for boosting your home’s appeal to prospective buyers.

1. Clean your house

A good thorough cleaning is vital. You can do it yourself, or even better, hire professional cleaners to get into every nook and cranny. If you trust the judgment of your property manager, ask him to recommend a reliable cleaning service.

2. Do minor repair work

Repair any problems within the home, and repaint anything outside that needs a little bit of touch up. If you’ve got some blemishes on your home you need to fix them. Pay attention to every last detail – I can assure you that the buyers will!

3. Spruce it up

A good, fresh coat of paint will do wonders for your home. It can bring life back and it doesn’t need to be expensive. In fact you can do most of this stuff yourself.

Who can’t go to Bunnings, get a roller and some paint and do a weekend’s worth of hard work? You could get a good return on your sweat equity.

4. Hose it down

Use a high-pressure hose on your home, really giving it a good fresh spray. You’ll be absolutely astounded with how fresh and clean it could look, once you’ve actually done it. Once you’ve done this you’ll be able to easily spot any areas that may need attention.

5. Prepare to stand out

When someone walks into your house that you’re presenting for sale, you want to amaze them. You want your house to shine – to stand out from the crowd. You can draw attention to your home by paying close attention to its exterior. This is, of course, the first thing that a prospective buyer will see so it must be memorable.

Weeds should be eliminated, any broken or missing brickwork replaced, pot plants must be in good order and any peeling paint eliminated.

6. Hospitality

I know you probably had the carpets professionally cleaned or even cleaned them yourself, but don’t make everyone who comes into your home take off their shoes.

7. Toss it!

If you’ve got kids, or a clutter inducing hobby, then you’ve got extra bits and pieces around. Do yourself a favour and get it out of the house. Rent a storage shed for a month if you must, put your stuff in boxes and just make the home look simple, fresh and available to the next person.

If your property is tenanted, you can request that tenants store their personal items. However, it may be best to show your property once it’s vacant.

8. Staging

Position your furniture in a way that can help make the rooms appear larger if you can. It just may shorten the time your home is on the market and it may even get you your asking price!

Another good thing to do is to remove your personal artifacts. You don’t necessarily want a “shrine” of you on the wall – it looks a bit creepy to a lot of people, so take it down and let people visualise themselves in your home.

If the property is vacant, hire a home staging professional. The right furniture can turn an older home into a gorgeous, modern house.

9. Before the showing

Your window dressings should be clean and your windows sparkling. You want to let in as much natural light as possible, however pay attention to rooms where sunlight can quickly heat it up. You want the home to remain a comfortable temperature.

Use fragrance to appeal to buyers’ senses by using either great flowers, freshly brewed coffee and/or organic produces in the kitchen.

Make sure the light bulbs are working. When people walk into a home the first thing they do is start-pressing lights. If a light switch doesn’t work, someone will make an issue of it at the open home. Sometimes these small things will put other investors off.

10. Online presentation

In addition to a detailed description of your property, your online listing should include plenty of pictures taken at complementary angles. Place a listing on leading Australia’s Classified Portal and get an instant quote for your property. Don’t attempt to use photo-enhancing software to deceive potential buyers – this will most certainly not work in your favour and you may even find yourself in litigation.

If the pictures were taken in poor lighting you can attempt to lighten them up through image manipulation, however it’s best to take pictures in good lighting at a high resolution whenever possible.

Provide as much information as possible buy don’t give away the store. The idea is to pique a potential home buyer’s curiosity and encourage them to come see your home.

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